Second Multiplier Event in Spain

Photo evento 2ME SPagna

On the 1st June 2016 took place the second ENACT Multiplier Event in Spain under the name “ENACT: System, Training Programme and Resources for Professionals in the Energy Sector”. Once again, INCOMA and APADGE collaborated in the organisation of this event, which was carried out at the Faculty of Building Engineering of the University of Seville and counted with the participation of experts, professionals and students.

Indeed, the event audience was composed of potential beneficiaries of the proposed ENACT training (post-graduate students and professionals working in the energy sector), professors and researchers with expertise on topics addressed by and relevant for the project and other actors from the educational sector with special interest in the topic. The presence of a heterogeneous group of stakeholders contributed to obtain feedback from multiples perspectives, thus contributing to enrich the project and its outcomes.

The main purpose of this event was to present the main project outcomes, namely the ENACT Energy Auditor profile, the ENACT training solution and the related qualification framework, training programme and ICT-based system. These aspects were addressed in two different presentations held by INCOMA and APADGE.

These presentations were followed by a debate on the proposed ENACT training solution that was moderated by Mr. José Ortega (APADGE) and in which attendees had the opportunity to discuss its different aspects.

After a more formal aspect of the event, the different stakeholders were given the chance exchange information and experiences during a networking activity that included a light snack.

Attendees showed a high level of interest for both the project and the event, much because of the relevance of the energy sector and of emerging professional figures in Spain, which constitutes an important opportunity for the labour market.