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APADGE - Andalusian Professional Association of Energy Managers


Project manager:

Luis María García Sánchez

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Avenida San Francisco Javier nº9, 1ª-30, 41018 Sevilla

APADGE - Professional Association, Spain                                                                                                                                                           

APADGE is a non-profit Professional Association which trains, advises and connects Energy Managers, in Spain a specialist in the development of energy efficiency based solutions. The Association promotes the awareness related to energy and the use of energy efficient technologies and aims to support the economic development of the energy efficincy sector and in particular of the professional figures working in the sector.

APADGE creates a professional framework of experts on energy-efficiency-based, it is a network of multidisciplinary professionals involved in the field of energy, energy efficiency and environment and provides updated information to its associates. It is an institutional guide or model in the sector

It promotes training courses, and organizes conferences/sessions in order to provide solutions towards energy saving in different sectors such as the agricultural, sportive, industrial, small and medium size companies.

APADGE also organizes conferences related to new technologies, processes and solutions and annual meetings about the energy market.

Its most recent European activity is the participation in the ENACT project.