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RENAEL - Rete Nazionale delle Agenzie Energetiche Locali


Project manager:

Claudia Magri

Web Site

http://www.renael.net/ - http://www.agenateramo.eu


Piazza Garibaldi, 56 - Teramo

RENAEL - Network of local energy agencies, Italy                                                                                                                                               

RENAEL is the National Network of Local Energy Agencies. It was set up in 1999 by the Italian Local Energy Agencies who together drew up and signed the Cork Charter.

The main objective of the Network is to promote contacts and collaboration with other national Institutions, to build a critical mass and to encourage the exchange of experiences and good practices among members. It valorizes the role of the Agencies and local Authorities, pressing for co-operation of all actors, both institutional and non, that operate in energy management at community, national and local level.

The RENAEL main activities concern the support to Local Authorities for the development and monitoring of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans; the energy audit and certification of buildings; control of heating/cooling systems; participation in founding programs; creation of energy help desk; design renewable sources plants realisation; organisation of training courses for technicians in the field of renewable energy sources and rational use of energy.

RENAEL is involved in many European projects such as (relevant for ENACT): Build up skills Italy; BRICKS (Building Refurbishment with Increased Competences, Knowledge and Skills); I-TOWN (Italian Workforce Training Qualification in Building); Concerted Action for the EPBD (European Performance of Building Directive).

RENAEL is involved  in the project ENACT through the Agency for Energy and the Environment of the Province of Teramo (AGENA). AGENA was set up in 2003 thanks to the European Programme SAVE 2. The person in charge of the project on behalf of RENAEL is Mr Michael Macaluso, info@renael.net