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AISFOR - Training company, Italy                                                                                                                                                                                   

AISFOR is a private Italian company born in January 2005 to support its client (both private enterprises and public institutions) to enforce their human and technological resources and to remain competitive through the implementation of a growth strategy based on professional training of their staff and development of their ambitious projects (national and trans-national).

It is structured in two complementary areas and its highly skilled personnel is able to offer a wide range of services.

The “Innovation and Development” area operates in all the project life-cycle phases – from the collection of information, to the proposal preparation and submission, to the development and management of the funded project. 

Over the years AISFOR has worked on several projects funded by the EU, both directly as a partner and / or subcontractor and providing support and assistance to its customers through all project phases. Among achieved projects: Enforce, ECCC, WinForRes, and most recently USmartConsumer, EGreenJobs, Smart-Up.

In the “Training” area, AISFOR has delivered many training activities (courses, coaching, mentoring, etc.), courses funded by Regional funding programmes, in-house courses according to specific education/training needs and courses on the market based on common training needs. It is an accredited training body amongst Lazio Region (i.e. Lazio Region officially recognised its competencies to provide professional training managing public funds). 

AISFOR has built a stakeholders’ network of collaborations at national and international level in various fields.