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ENACT Energy Auditor: the final conference

ENACT Energy Auditor: the final conference

by Aisfor

144 participants from 14 different regions. These were the results of the first course in Italy about the figure of ENACT Energy Auditor. A remarkable overtaking of the project objectives, which required the participation of 45 trainees from 4 regions.

These are just some numbers relating to the first course for ENACT Energy Auditor, presented during the final conference of the project which was held last June 22 at Giulianova (Te), in the presence of 4 partners project and a large crowd of stakeholders.

"We are increasingly convinced - said Corrado Milito, director of Aisfor, during his speech - that the success of the course, much higher than the defined requirements, is mainly due to the mode of on-line study. This has made possible widespread participation of students from all the national territory and a considerable elasticity in the management of 80 hours of teaching provided. Elements that have allowed many interested to follow the lessons, reconciling with their lives every day. "

The final conference of the project "Energy audits and energy efficiency in the civil sector: the figure of ENACT Energy auditor and the new account for the thermal rehabilitation of buildings and facilities", was held in the wonderful setting of the hotel Europa, in Giulianova (Te) and was attended by over a hundred stakeholders and distinguished speakers, experts and administrators. Among others, Mario Mazzocca, from Presidency of the Council of the Abruzzo Region.

Protagonists of the day the four European partners: Spain, Portugal Poland and Italy, represented by Aisfor, ENACT project manager, who discussed on general and specific aspects of the educational system linked to the figure of Energy auditor.

"The great interest shown towards the course recently concluded - said Marina Varvesi of Aisfor - strongly emphasizes the growing attention that surrounds the issues of energy efficiency. A cross-interest, from north to south, and involving many professional figures. We really hope that this is just the beginning for a rapid spread, in Italy and in Europe, of knowledge related to these issues and to the Energy Auditor specific profession.